Mountaineering since 1925

Made in the Alps for the Canadian Mountains 





This waterproof, breathable membrane aids in moisture management. The eVent® Direct Venting System offers millions of microscopic pores that wick moisture to the outside while also providing waterproof protection.

This lightweight membrane is water-resistant, breathable, and provides balanced climate comfort – especially in warm temperatures or active situations.


Ortholite® Insole



Our anatomically shaped insole features a heel cup and slightly curved support. This allows for perfect positioning in the boot while providing stability and shock absorption. Built from long-lasting materials, the insole is also skin-friendly. Perforations in the front part of the insole improves ventilation.

Liba® smart is TPU-based. This material exhibits the same basic properties as rubber, while also being considerably lighter and more robust. It protects the shoe from the external damage caused by wear and tear. It is weatherproof and 100% recyclable.





Lorenzi eFoam is an eclectic material which offers excellent performances in all its applications and therefore is the perfect light weight alternative to traditional rubber. It also beats every record when the relation between weight and resistance to abrasion is a crucial parameter. eFoam is an innovative material that has been realized thanks to a technology that not only grants strict mechanical performances, but also an outstanding elasticity and flexibility.

Perwanger produces the ideal mountain sports leather for extreme conditions. The raw material for PERWANDER LEATHERS are cowhides from the Alps. A conscientious selection of raw materials is crucial for the high end quality product with cowhides out of the Alps.