Mountaineering since 1925 

Made in the Alps for the Canadian Mountains!

 Stuedlgrat EV                                                      New

# 311520-1000/4038          UK 7-13

The flagship model of the new collection!  Alpine footwear for the toughest mountain challenges.                  


Dachstein storms the peaks of the Alps with the ‘Stüdlgrat’, on climbs, via ferratas and on easy grade tours in higher regions. It’s a modern, all-round mountain boot and can also be used with crampons under certain conditions. This member of the 2015 Dachstein collection sets new standards. The fresh, tidy, triangular pattern is a visible indication of the affinity ‘Stüdlgrat’ has with rock faces and technically challenging, icy terrain. The neoprene closure at the top of the shaft ensures no grit and stones enter the boot. In addition, the breathable and waterproof eVent® membrane prevents the entry of water and moisture. The sophisticated tuck ed-board-lasting method of manufacture is doubly beneficial. The soles are very sturdy, keeping their shape under extreme strain, and the soles can also be replaced very easily. However, between purchasing the boot and a possible sole replacement the ‘Vibram® Mulaz Evo’ sole ensures the super stable mountain boot enjoys sure-footed conquests of countless peaks. ‘Stüdlgrat’ is produced completely in Italy. The boot is the product of immense expertise and supreme quality of craftsmanship and materials. It is a perfect example of the exacting standards placed on the Dachstein brand.

- Waterproof and breathable eVent® membrane

-Superior stability due to the 'last' manufacturing technique

-Crampon compatible

-Neoprene collar for stone and snow protection

-Medium profile for perfect grip on mixed terrain

-100% made in Italy

sky / black                 Suede/ Cordura                   eVent Membrane

conditionally crampon compatible                        Vibram Mulaz Evo

3-zone lacing      1.628g @ size 8.5                       MSRP $ 596.00

Nordwand 2.0 LTH                                                   New

 # 311521-1000/4033       UK 7-13                                      

The highlight of the 90 years collection. Retro look  all- terrain mountain footwear.

The spirit of the alpine pioneers-  Nordwand 2.0 LTH 

Dachsteins "Nordwand" is an absolute classic and the most successful item of alpine footwear in the history of the company. Over the years the 1980s' original has conquered so many peaks and has contributed to countless enthralling mountaineering experiences, and to mark the company's first 90 years Dachstein has brought out a new version. Fans of the first " Nordwand" will have no problems recognizing the new model's origins.

The proven combination of oiled velour leather outers and a soft leather linig demonstrates the lineage of the new " Nordwand" and bears the traditional features of its mountaineering forefathers. Leather is still a guarantee for footwear that keeps its shape, while ensuring a perfectly customized fit and a pleasant climate around the foot. The Neoprene closure at the top of the shaft keeps out gravel and snow, and is a bridge between the traditional look of a mountain boot and the technically influenced design today. The Dachstein midsole reveals a clever mixture of materials. At the back a PU inlay absorbs shocks, and at the front the more stable EVA provides the required stiffness. Nordwand's tread depths are ideal for higher altitude mountaineering and the boot can even be used with crampons in some situations to master a number of difficult rock climbs with the ease that comes with so much experience.

- Comfort and natural heat regulation via full leather lining

- Full leather shoe for superior stability due to the 'last' manufacturing technique

- Crampon compatible

- Neoprene collar to protect from stones and snow

- Medium profile for perfect grip on mixed terrain

- 100% made in Italy

 brown sugar/ fire                   oiled suede                        Breathable soft leather

 conditionally crampon compatible                        Vibram Mulaz Evo

3-zone lacing          1.643g @ size 8.5                    MSRP $ 568.00

Pro Rock EV

# 311000-1000/9730                                 UK 5-12

For challenging mountain tours and via ferratas. 

- Waterproof and breathable eVent® membrane

- Superior stability due to the 'last' manufacturing technique

- Heel stabilizer offers control and stability

Red/ Black                      Nubuck/ Cordura                          eVent Membrane 

Heel stabilizer,                                             Vibram Foura               815g @ size 8.0

lace hooks and rollers                                                                        MSRP $ 424.00

Sherpa LTH

 # 311205-1000/1200                                                                                   UK 4+5- 12

Perfect for tours on tough terrain and rocky routes

Sherpa LTH

Sherpa LTH is the master of all trades for mountain tourers. It is the perfect companion on challenging hikes and via ferratas. This boot offers absolute comfort and, due to the integration of the Vibram Foura® sole, an ultimate level of security. This comfortable mountain boot unites supreme stability with excellent light footedness, anSherpa d the soft inner lining generates a lasting and pleasant inner shoe climate.

- Comfortable, natural leather lining

- Superior stability due to the 'last' manufacturing technique

- Heel stabilizer offers control and stability

Brown                Nubuk                       Breathable, soft leather 

Heel Stabilizer             Vibram Foura               815 g @ 8.0 

                                                                         MSRP $ 480.00