90 th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION Dachstein marks its 90 th anniversary with an exclusive collection of mountain footwear

Since 1925 Dachstein has been crafting superior quality mountaineering and trekking footwear for alpine enthusiasts with a passion for adventure. The combination of tradition and modernity, of genuine leather and innovative technology, is a theme present in all four of the anniversary models: Nordwand, Ramsau, Anna and Johann.

The spirit of the alpine pioneers – Nordwand 2.0 LT H Dachstein’s ‘Nordwand’ is an absolute classic and the most successful item of alpine footwear in the history of the company. Over the years the 1980s’ original has conquered so many peaks and has contributed to countless

enthralling mountaineering experiences, and to mark the company’s first 90 years Dachstein has brought out a new version. Fans of the first ‘Nordwand’ will have no problems recognising the new model’s origins. The proven combination of oiled velour leather outers and a so ft leather lining demonstrates the lineage of the new ‘Nordwand’ and bears the traditional features of its mountaineering forefather. Leather is still a guarantee for footwear that keeps its shape, while ensuring a perfectly customised fit and a pleasant climate around the fo ot. The neoprene closure at the top of the shaft keeps out gravel and snow, and is a bridge between the traditional look of a mountain boot and the technically influenced design s of today. The Dachstein midsole reveals a clever mixture of materials. At the back a PU inlay absorbs shocks, and at the front the more stable EVA provides the required stiffness . Nordwand’s tread depths are ideal for higher altitude mountaineering and the boot can even be used with crampons in some situations to master a number of difficult rock climbs with the ease that comes with so much experience. Traditional trekking pleasure The Dachstein ‘Ramsau’ takes the anniversary collection towards more moderate challenges. The broader shape of the shoe guarantees plenty of room and comfort for feet out on relaxing treks. The soft leather inner lining encourages natural regulation of humidity and temperature, and produces the best possible fit. In fact, the new Dachsteins have an anatomically shaped tongue that makes the procedure of putting the boot on easier and more comfortable. Red laces, uppers made of high grade oiled velour leather and burnished eyelets all lend the ‘Ramsau’ that unmistakable Dachstein retro look; whereas the sole construction is purely the product of the very late st shoe-making technology. Although the TPU stiffening plate is not visible, it has an extr emely significant supporting effect, increasing comfort for the foot arches – particularly on long treks. The ‘Vibram® Multifilm’ sole also employs the very latest sole technology and guarant ees supreme grip.

 Serious Boots for the Serious Outdoor Enthusiast


Dachstein Canada brings Europe’s premiere hiking-hunting-mountaineering footwear to North America.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­(Yukon, Canada, 04.Oct.2014) Footwear contributes to comfort and success in all sorts of outdoor activities, but in mountaineering it can save your life. No one knows that better than Dachstein, the Austrian boot maker named for a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps. Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, the company has been making fine high-performance boots for almost 90 years, and Dachstein Canada now brings that tradition and technology to North America.

Stefan Angerer, the founder of Dachstein Canada, grew up in the Alps and has worn Dachstein boots for over forty years. “As a master prosthetist and orthopedic technician, I really appreciate the technology in Dachstein’s boots,” he says. “When I moved to Canada’s Yukon Territory I was surprised to see that the company had no representative in North America and finally decided to represent the company myself. Dachstein Canada is less than a year old and is growing faster than we ever expected, but that’s no surprise. I’ve sold a variety of different boot brands over the years, and Dachstein is the clear leader in both technology and quality.”

Dachstein boots incorporate a number of unique features. A heel support system located between the boot’s outer shell and inner liner provides sideways stability. This lets a low-cut boot deliver the support usually found only in higher boots while allowing easier, more energy-efficient flex at the ankle. The patented Lace Smart® Heel Lock System incorporates a second set of laces at the side of the boot that functions like a pulley to keep the heel from lifting or sliding forward. All  Dachstein boots incorporate either Vibram or ortho-tec® Trek soles, and feature either a breathable waterproof eVent® membrane or, for the traditionalist, a soft leather liner.

  • Dachstein mountaineering and climbing boots are designed for use in snow and ice at altitudes up to 4000 meters. All are crampon compatible and suitable for limited use as approach shoes. The series includes boots with both eVent and leather liners.

  • The Hunting boot collection is designed for mountain hunting and was developed in cooperation with the Austrian hunting association. Boots in this series are taller to protect the legs from snow and debris and have a preformed shaft for maximum comfort and ease of entry and exit.

  • The Approach line is designed for use at more modest altitudes than Dachstein’s mountaineering boots. They are lighter in weight and designed for mountain hikes, approaches, and European-style via ferrata climbs using fixed ladders and cables.

  • The Hiking/Trekking line is described as “scaled-down” mountaineering boots, lighter in weight and designed to provide maximum support in rough terrain without sacrificing comfort.ortho-tec® Trek soles provide an energy-saving “roll-off” foot motion.

Built-in quality lets Dachstein offer a two-year warranty, the longest in the industry.

A dealer-locater is available at Dachstein Canada’s website, www.dachsteincanada.com. The company is actively expanding its North American distribution network and welcomes dealer inquiries.

Headquartered in the mountain town of Tagish in Canada’s Yukon Territory, Dachstein Canada is dedicated to bringing the quality and workmanship of Europe’s premiere outdoor boot line to committed outdoor enthusiasts throughout North America.