90 years- and still climbing®! 

Dachstein- Mountaineering since 1925

Made in the Alps for the Canadian Mountains!

 Unique Steps

Dachstein – stands for mountaineering boots and trekking shoes from the heart of the Alps, for the Alps. A unique history, a long tradition of impassioned commitment, numerous innovative developments, and not least the infectious enthusiasm of the people behind the brand, have formed Dachstein in Austria over the past 90 years. Dachstein doesn’t see alpinism as a sport or a form of competition; it is a philosophy, a way of life – a passion. Every moment in the mountains is a unique experience; whether on a short stroll, navigating a via ferrata or on a challenging, fullscale mountain tour. Every step is unique. Dachstein infuses its own burning passion into its designs, and manufactures footwear for people who are passionate about mountaineering. Great importance is assigned to a perfect fit, quality, innovation, functionality and – of course – fashionable styles.